RHD143 Red Hat Linux Programming Essentials

This intensive hands-on course is designed to rapidly train key skills for developing applications and programs on Red Hat Linux. The course provides hands-on training, concepts, demonstrations, with emphasis on realistic labs and programming exercises. Upon completion of the course students will have learned and practiced the essential skills required to develop programs for Linux systems.
Students should have experience in C programming or equivalent UNIX or Linux workstation user skills for developers. Experience in Shell scripting in a UNIX or Linux environment and editors such as vi, emacs are helpful.
Five days
This course is designed for experienced C programmers (with UNIX or Linux workstation power user skills) interested in beginning to develop applications on Linux.
  • Tools and methods for developing C programs for Linux
  • Shell programming essentials
  • Makefiles
  • Version control
  • Compiling, linking and debugging
  • Linux standards and compliance
  • File access system calls and I/O
  • Programming file and directory system services
  • Processes management and creation
  • Signals, Signal Handlers and Alarms
  • Inter-process communication (shared memory, semaphores, messages)
  • Threads
  • Semaphores
  • Pipes and FIFOs
  • Shared Memory
  • Message Queues
  • Sockets
  • Red Hat Package Manager (RPM)
  • Multiplexed and Asynchronous I/O

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