S4D430V-v020 Building Views in Core Data Services ABAP (CDS ABAP)

You are an ABAP developer and want to build your own views with ABAP CDS (Core Data Services)? During this course, you will learn the basic idea of Core Data Services and how SAP implemented this concept on the ABAP stack. In these three days, you will get a deep insight into the many features by which CDS Views surpass classical ABAP Dictionary views, and you will learn to leverage the full potential of CDS when defining your own views. Particular highlights will be the extended join possibilities, calculations on database level (including currency conversions), nested views, associations and path expressions, input parameters, and the possibility to link CDS views to authorization checks. Finally, you will get an outlook on the different scenarios for CDS view consumption.
  • ABAP Workbench Foundations, OR
  • Introduction to ABAP Programming on SAP S/4HANA
  • ABAP Dictionary
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Those who can benefit from this Building Views in Core Data Services ABAP (CSD ABAP) course include:
  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Working with ABAP Development Tools (ADT)
  • Tools for analyzing existing CDS Views
  • Defining CDS Views
  • ABAP Annotations in CDS Views
  • SQL Expressions and SQL Functions in CDS Views
  • Nested Views
  • Aggregations in CDS Views
  • Additional Join Types and UNION (ALL)
  • CDS Views with Input Parameters
  • Associations in CDS Views
  • CDS View Enhancement
  • Implicit Authorization Checks for CDS Views
  • CDS Table Functions
  • Overview of common use cases for CDS Views

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