SAFe ScrumMaster

Training Summary
Are you curious about how to coach Agile teams to deliver maximum business value at scale? The SAFe® Scrum Master course covers the tactical skills to be an effective Scrum Master in a SAFe organization. And gives you the guidance and tools you need to work effectively in remote environments with distributed teams. If you want to become a certified scrum master with the skills to help leading companies succeed with Agile and scrum, the SAFe Scrum Master course is for you. Learn how scrum masters empower and lead Agile teams. Understand how to facilitate Agile events like iteration planning, standups, and retrospectives. And discover how to help teams plan and complete their work. You’ll also learn the principles of servant leadership, so you can help develop high-performing, engaged, continuously improving teams in your own organization.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This workshop is perfect and recommended to all levels that could be practicing as a Scrum Master or those who interact with the Scrum Master.
Course Topics
  • How To Facilitate Scrum Events
  • How To Support PI Execution
  • How To Coach Teams To Constantly Inprove
  • How To Implement DevOps For Continuous Flow Delivery
  • How To Lead Agile Teams In A SAFe Enterprise
  • How To Become A Servant Leader To Build A High Performing Team
  • How To Facilitate Work In All SAFe Ceremonies
  • How To Interact As A SAFe ScrumMaster

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