SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Planning and Implementation Workshop - SNV1G

Training Summary
This course is designed to leverage SAN storage connectivity by integrating a layer of intelligence in �virtualization. The SAN Volume Controller (SVC) facilitates storage application data access independence from storage management functions and requirements. This focus is on planning and implementation tasks associated with integrating the SVC into the storage area network.�It also explains how to: Centralize storage provisioning to host servers from common storage pools. Improve storage optimization and efficiency through Thin Provisioning, Data Reduction and Compression� Implement storage tiering and optimize flash drives and storage usage with Easy Tier Facilitate the coexistence and migration of data from non-virtualized to the virtualized environment.� Utilize network-level storage subsystem-independent data replication services to satisfy backup and disaster recovery requirement.This course offering is at the IBM Spectrum Virtualize V8.2.1.1 level.Course Agenda IBM SAN Volume Controller - Introduction IBM SAN Volume Controller - Hardware architecture� IBM SAS-Attached storage IBM SVC RAID protection solutions IBM SVC System - scaling IBM SVC System - Installation and
The following courses are required prior to this class: Introduction to Storage (SS01G) Storage Area Networking Fundamentals (SN71G) or (SN71DG) or equivalent experienceA basic understanding on the concepts of open systems, disk storage systems and I/O operations
4 Days
This intermediate lecture and exercise-based course is for individuals who are assessing and/or planning to deploy networked storage virtualization solutions.
Course Topics
After completion of this course, you should be able to: Distinguish the concepts of IBM Spectrum virtualization. Recall the history for IBM SAN Volume Controller. Classify the characteristics and components of the IBM SAN Volume Controller system and SAS attached expansion enclosures. Outline setups required to integrate an SVC system solution. Compare the characteristics of the RAID and DRAID. Summarize the SVC systems� ability to scale for capacity and performance.� Summarize the virtualization process converting physical storage space into virtual resources. Recall the process to create host access storage on an SVC system. Differentiate the advanced software features designed to simplify data management, reclaim storage �space, and preserve storage investments. Differentiate methods in which to migrate data to and from the virtualized system environment. Summarize the methods of remote data replications to improve availability and support for disaster � recovery. Employ administrative operations to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the system. environment.� Summarize the characteristics of IBM Storage Insights� ability to identify, troubleshoot and minimize potential system downtime.Systems w/TPS, Storage, Traditional Distributed External Storage Market, Traditional Distributed External Storage

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