Scala – Advanced

Training Summary
Scala may be the next wave in developer productivity. It is concise, object-oriented, functional, and offers support for concurrency, but is compatible with Java and is JVM – based. For this reason, Scala has been attracting the interest of many programming shops. However, these advantages are only possible through an effort of study. The Scala Programming course is designed to help this process through hands-on training. This course is teaching Scala on the intermediate and advanced levels. It is targeted for developers who either have a basic knowledge of Scala or have a solid foundation of Java. This course teaches how to understand the essence of Scala and write functional programming software that is efficient and “scalaesque” enough.
Before attending this course, students should have basic knowledge of Scala (or the equivalent of an introductory course in Scala) or good knowledge of Java.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
The audience for this class includes Developers and Architects.
Course Topics
  • About Scala 3
  • Understanding Types in Scala
  • Functions and Collections
  • Implicits and Type Classes
  • Property-Based Testing in Scala
  • Exploring Scala Effects
  • Understanding Algebraic Structures
  • Basic Monads
  • Monad Transformers and Free Monad
  • Introduction to the Ahha and Actor Models
  • Building Reactive Applications with Akka Typed
  • Basics of Akka Streams

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