Scala Programming for Java Developers

Scala is a relatively new language which integrates seamlessly into the Java platform. It provides an implicitly typed alternative to Java which is not limited by the constraints of backward compatibility. Scala was designed as a hybrid language that combines full object-orientation with the core features of functional programming, making it an ideal choice for tasks such as highly concurrent applications and XML manipulation.This course provides a high speed introduction to Scala for experienced Java developers. It does not waste time rehashing familiar territory but instead builds on top of students existing knowledge. By the end of the course students will be able to write and test JSE applications using all the features of the Scala language.
Students must have a minimum of three years commercial Java programming experience. Knowledge of the basics of Test Driven Development is helpful, as is prior exposure to functional programming concepts (via Lisp, XSLT, F# etc).
3 Days/Lecture & Labs
  • The Evolution of Scala
  • Key Features of the Scala Language
  • Basic Programming in Scala
  • OO Development in Scala
  • Functional Programming in Scala
  • Pattern Matching in Depth
  • Test Driven Development in Scala
  • XML Manipulating in Scala
  • Writing Concurrent Apps Using Actors

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