Scrum Foundations

This two-day course lays a solid foundation for individuals, or teams, to begin using Scrum effectively and immediately. The Scrum framework, mechanics, and roles are emphasized with a focus on practical application. Whether you are brand new to Scrum, or have been practicing Scrum "under the radar" for some time, this course will level-set your team's understanding and help you achieve higher goals by focusing on the fundamentals of lean principles and agility. This course will provide information and tools that you can use to ensure that Scrum is understood and implemented effectively by your team. The class will be run as a Scrum project - a concentrated version - so the class itself will be experiential in understanding Scrum. The “stories” (or topics to be taught) will be drawn from a “backlog” of topics, which are listed below. A certain number of them will be required topics - basics everyone has to have. The “team” will identify the elective topics they most need to fill any remaining time. (The "Product Owners" may determine that some of the electives are requirements.) Topics have “points.” We’ll do a burn-up chart as we go to identify our velocity - the number of points per hour. Just as with projects, with emerging velocity, a schedule for the remaining required topics will begin to emerge and ability to estimate opportunity for taking on elective topics. Just as with projects, the team’s background, previous experience, and preparation will affect velocity. Part of the class will be lecture - there’s just stuff everyone needs to know. That said, our style is highly interactive and engaging. In addition to the class itself being experiential, the content is laced with exercises and hands-on practice to experience and internalize the principles of Scrum.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is ideal for anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of Scrum.
• Required o Class basics o Agile 101 o Agile practices o Scrum principles o Scrum 101 o Agile Estimating o Planning Game (exercise) o Weighted Scorecards • Elective o Focus (with exercise) o Multitasking (with two exercises) o Teams in the Zone o Backlog Grooming o Test Driven Development (TDD) o One-page project start (exercise) o User stories and Agile requirements and well-formed outcomes (exercise) o Velocity Charts (exercise) o What is “done”? o Dot-voting o Proximate / co-located teams vs dispersed teams o Sizing exercise

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