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Trainers and teachers all over the world have created a variety of teaching styles and techniques. This learning session and workshop promises to be like no other you have ever attended. Prior students in various sessions have gone as far as to say this class is life changing. While we cannot promise this workshop will change your life, here is what we can promise. 1) While this class is based on the Scrum Method within the Agile Framework, the teachings are not bound or limited to theory. We dig deep in class and help people solve pressing problems and issues they are facing. 2) If your only goal for taking the class is to pass the test, this class is not for you. While our class average test score sits near the very top of all trainers, this is not our primary goal. Our primary goal is to place you in first person scenarios where you can learn how to really execute in your position, not just recall what the book says you should do. You will leave with new tools to help you perform your job better. 3) Scrum is not all about software anymore, nor is it an all or nothing prospect. This class will point out real world examples of how well known organizations from startup to enterprise have adopted Scrum and witnessed dramatic incremental changes. While software is still a very important industry where Scrum can be applied, many organizations are finding ways to apply this method throughout their organization. This is not a back of the room type training and does require participation from each attendee.

As for formality, this experience will include:
A complete 2 day classroom session eligible for 14 PDU’s A two year membership to the Scrum Alliance
Eligibility to take the online test and online testing fees are all included as part of this session A complete guide/workbook with over 100 pages of reference materials and exercises

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

  • Defining Agile
  • Creating A Vision & Strategy
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Roadmapping Explained
  • Agile vs. Plan Driven
  • The Art of Brainstorming Establishing Trust & ::Accountability
  • Exploring Roles & Personas Defining ::ScrumStory Creation & Estimation
  • Scrum Core Framework
  • Rapid Release Planning
  • Scrum Roles & Responsibilities
  • Sprint Planning
  • Product Ownership Defined
  • Sprint Review & Retrospective

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