Secure Coding Training in Java

Our secure coding training courses help developers establish a security mindset and prevent them from making secure coding errors that lead to deploying vulnerable systems. The four-day instructor-led Secure Coding in Java course provides developers with practical guidance for developing Java programs that are robust and secure. The course consists of lecture (40%), demonstrations (30%), and labs (30%). Participants should come away from the course with a working knowledge of common programming errors that lead to software vulnerabilities, how these errors can be exploited, and effective mitigation strategies for preventing the introduction of these errors.
The course assumes basic Java programming skills but does not assume an in-depth knowledge of software security. Course demos and solutions to exercises are presented using the Eclipse IDE but students are free to use any IDE for reviewing example code and performing exercises.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
The course is designed primarily for Java SE 9 developers but should also be useful to developers using older versions of the SE platform as well as Java EE and ME developers.
Apply security concepts to Java programming
  • Manage security policy, permissions, and privileges
  • Validate data to prevent injection attacks and other vulnerabilities
  • Perform secure numeric operations
  • Defensively program Java classes and methods
  • Avoid pitfalls in the use of characters and strings
  • Implement error handling correctly using Java exceptions
  • Securely process input/output
  • Determine if your systems are vulnerable to Java deserialization exploits
  • Correctly implement serializable classes

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