Secure Java Application Development

This application security training workshop / seminar is essential for developers who need to produce secure Java applications, integrating security measures into the development process from requirements to deployment and maintenance. This course explores well beyond basic programming skills, teaching developers sound processes and practices to apply to the entire software development lifecycle. Perhaps just as significantly, students learn about current, real examples that illustrate the potential consequences of not following these best practices. This course is short on theory and long on application, providing students with in-depth, code-level demonstrations and walkthroughs. Security experts agree that the least effective approach to security is "penetrate and patch". It is far more effective to "bake" security into an application throughout its lifecycle. After spending significant time trying to defend a poorly designed (from a security perspective) web application, developers are ready to learn how to build secure web applications starting at project inception. The final portion of this course builds on the previously learned mechanics for building defenses by exploring how design and analysis can be used to build stronger applications from the beginning of the software lifecycle.
Familiarity with the Java programming language is required, and real world programming experience is highly recommended.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This is an intermediate-level course designed for application project stakeholders who wish to get up and running on developing well defended Java applications.
  • Defensive Coding Overview
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Java Security Fundamentals
  • Cryptography Overview
  • Code Level Security
  • User-Based J2SE Security
  • Java Network Security
  • Code Level Security Best Practices
  • Defending XML Processing
  • Secure Software Development (SSD)
  • Security Testing

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