Secure Web Application Development Seminar (Language Neutral Edition)

This course is an intense web application security training workshop/seminar essential for web developers who need to produce secure web applications, integrating security measures into the development process from requirements to deployment and maintenance. This course explores well beyond basic programming skills, teaching developers sound processes and practices to apply to the entire software development lifecycle. Perhaps just as significantly, students learn about current, real examples that illustrate the potential consequences of not following these best practices. This course is short on theory and long on application, providing students with in-depth, code-level demonstrations and walkthroughs. This course is taught in a language-neutral fashion, with demonstrations from several languages to illustrate patterns and techniques. In this course, students are shown best practices for defensively coding web applications, including XML processing and web services. Demonstrations repeatedly attack and then defend various assets associated with a fully-functional web application. This approach illustrates the mechanics of how to secure web applications in the most practical of terms.
Familiarity with a programming language (such as Java, .Net or C++) is required, and real world programming experience is highly recommended.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This is an intermediate-level course designed for application project stakeholders who wish to get up and running on developing well defended web applications.
  • Foundation
  • Top Security Vulnerabilities
  • Best Practices
  • Defending XML Processing
  • Secure Software Development (SSD)
  • Security Testing
  • Appendix Security Design Patterns

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