Securing CA-OPS/MVS

Training Summary
This course is designed to help installations implement best practices in securing access to the Unicenter CA-OPS/MVS product. From the OPS/MVS side, this course views both the OPS/MVS facilities that require secure access and the exits and security rules provided to secure them. From the security product side, specific security resource definitions are discussed, using mainstream MVS security products CA-ACF2, IBM's RACF, and CA-Top Secret. Quizzes and hands-on labs are used to reinforce presented topics.
Students should have experience with MVS high-level architecture, data center policies and procedures. Prior knowledge of your installation security package, CA-OPS/MVS, and REXX is helpful but not absolutely required.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Systems Programmers, Security Administrators, and Automation Analysts.
Course Topics
  • Intro to CA-OPS/MVS Security
  • Introduction to MVS Security interfaces
  • Writing and debugging OPS/MVS SEC rules
  • Introduction to CA-ACF2 security definitions (Optional)
  • Introduction to RACF resource definitions (optional)
  • Introduction to CA-Top Secret rules (optional)
  • Developing secure automation

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