Securing Citrix Virtualization Solutions (CTX-272)

Learn to secure your virtualization deployments with this two-day course that covers XenApp and XenDesktop. You’ll learn how to secure XenApp and XenDesktop traffic, understand when and where to secure traffic between XenApp and XenDesktop components, and advanced authentication implementations covering multi-factor authentication, Smart Card, SAML, and FAS. Additionally, you’ll explore how to protect your applications against vulnerabilities, Citrix Cloud security leading practices and operating system hardening, hypervisor security, and monitoring and operations Citrix recommended practices.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course was built for IT Professionals familiar with XenApp and XenDesktop. Potential students include: administrators, engineers, and architects

  • XenDesktop Environment
  • Implementing Advanced Authentication Methods for XenApp and XenDesktop
  • Improving App and Data Security
  • Implementing XenApp/XenDesktop Operating System Hardening
  • Hypervisor Security
  • Monitoring and Operations

Citrix recommends students have basic understanding, and hands-on experience with installing and configuring XenApp and XenDesktop. Recommended courses, or equivalent field experience, include knowledge of the topics covered in: ::CXD-210 XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Administration ::CXD-250 Moving to XenApp and XenDesktop Service on Citrix Cloud

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