Selenium Bootcamp with Java, Python or Scala

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This course offers a comprehensive introduction of test automation for web applications using Selenium. The course starts with an end-to-end tutorial for writing tests using Selenium in either Java, Scala or Python, with an emphasis on maintainability and best practices throughout. Optional modules provide for a customized in-depth discussion of specific advanced Selenium features and practices used by teams to further automate testing in a continuous integration environment.

  • Good command of Java, Scala or Python fundamentals *REQUIRED*
  • Prior test automation and programming experience [Preferred]
  • Good command of HTML & CSS fundamentals [Preferred]

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course targets QA and Test Automation engineers with programming experience seeking to learn the fundamentals of test automation using Selenium. This course may also be of interest to engineers and team leads seeking best practices for designing and configuring a test automation environment.

  • Prerequisites
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Introduction to Testing
  • Smoke Test
  • The WebDrivers Labs
  • Parameterized Tests
  • Inspection Methods Labs
  • Navigation Methods Labs
  • Page Objects
  • Working with WebElements
  • Wait & Timeout
  • Finding WebElements

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