Selenium Training—Web Test Automation Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach participants the functionality of Selenium and how to begin the process of building an automated framework. Upon successful completion of the workshop, the candidate will receive a Certificate of Achievement.
We suggest that attendees hold a background in programming (e.g., Java) and/or scripting as well as an understanding of basic Selenium features.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is targeted towards automation testers and automation developers.
  • Overview of Selenium
  • Overview of Java – Setup
  • Overview of Framework Design
  • Overview of WebDriver
  • Understanding Desired Capabilities
  • Overview of Selenium IDE
  • Introduction of Selenese Command Types
  • Firebug for Firefox Browser
  • Locators in Selenium
  • Introduction of Web Technologies (Locators and Identifiers)
  • Framework Examples
  • Selenium with Java and TestNG
  • Reporting
  • Framework Example – Continue development
  • Working with Test Cases
  • The Selenium Grid
  • Framework Example – Continue development
  • Selenium for Mobile Web Testing
  • Maven Packaging, Management, and distribution
  • Jenkins Continuous Integration
  • GitHub
  • Extensive framework development (class participant exercise)
  • Open topics (recap anything that needs more explanation)
  • Test environment configuration day

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