Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This course focuses on how an organization moving to Service Orientation can identify effective business Services. Exercises in each section of the course demonstrate techniques to identify candidate services, and then challenge them to identify actual services. The various types of services are discussed, and emphasis is placed on identifying the responsibility profile of each service a proven technique to eliminate duplication of functionality. Further exercises demonstrate how to define the interactions and operations of each service to assure it meets its prescribed business goals.
Experience in software project management, business or systems analysis, or requirements gathering is desirable, but not mandatory.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for business or system analysts, technical managers, and software developers who wish to learn the techniques of service-oriented analysis.
  • Overview of Service Orientation (SO)
  • Overview of SO-Analysis
  • Gathering Business Drivers & Requirements
  • Identifying Candidate Services
  • Challenging the Candidate Services
  • Identifying Service Responsibilities
  • Identify Service Operations & Interactions
  • Integrating Existing Automation & Service Orchestration

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