Service-Oriented Modeling & Architecture (SOMA)

Training Summary
This course will utilize interactive lecture and case study scenarios to illustrate the concepts of SOA systems, development of Service-Oriented applications, how SOMA design techniques are implemented and the integration of enterprise components. Additionally, we illustrate the differences techniques used vs. OOAD processes, SOA requirements gathering, identifying services and processes, development of process modeling using BPM and BPEL, depict the four stages of SOAD, depict the SOA patterns, depict integration of BPM and Use Cases, identify services, define service implementation, service design, locate Classes and relationships from Use Cases, integrating UML class notation, usage of interface and data mapping, illustrate BPEL modeling concepts (Partners, variables, scope, etc), integrate advanced BPEL concepts, use of integration patterns. This course utilizes intricate sets of various case studies to demonstrate the capabilities of design diagrams and various testing strategies.
Students should have a basic understanding of application development either as a developer, project manager or end client.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for application architects, application developers, project managers and other professionals that will be designing SOA applications.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to SOA
  • SOA Fundamentals
  • Service-Oriented Analysis & Design (SOAD) Introduction
  • SOMA Approach
  • Business Modeling and Use Cases
  • Service Identification
  • Service Design and Implementation
  • Business Process Implementation
  • SOMA Modeling
  • Advanced Process Modeling
  • Modeling Integration Patterns

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