Service Virtualization 10: Foundations 200

Training Summary
The Service Virtualization 10: Foundations 200 course teaches students the foundational concepts needed to record, edit, and deploy virtual services using Service Virtualization. Instruction teaches the concepts using webservice virtualization with a live service, and when the service is unavailable. Instruction is a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises in a virtual DevTest Solutions environment. The course is instructor-led and can be delivered virtually or in a classroom setting. This course is also required to attend all other Service Virtualization courses.
Students should have completed DevTest Solutions 10: Foundations 200 before taking this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for those DevOps users responsible for managing virtual services.
Course Topics
  • Create and Deploy Virtual Service Fundamentals
  • Create a Virtual Service when the Live Service is Unavailable
  • Define Virtual Service Model Steps
  • Configure Virtual Service Execution Modes and View Details
  • Define Virtual Service Matching and Responding
  • Manipulate Virtual Service Data
  • Maintain and Troubleshoot a Virtual Service

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