Training Summary
Servlets and JSP (JavaServer Pages) are key server-side Java technologies for building web applications. Servlets are programs that run on a web server; they can respond to client requests and create dynamic content. JSPs are useful for displaying dynamic data, and allowing Java developers and Web page designers to work together easily. The JSTL is a tag library for JSP that encapsulates the core functionality common to many Web applications using custom tags. These include tags for iteration, conditionals, XML manipulation and much more.This course is a comprehensive tutorial in the design and programming of Java Web applications using servlets and JSP. It starts with Web application architecture, usage, and deployment. It teaches about the capabilities of servlets, servlet architecture, and session management, JSP structure and syntax, and good design techniques for using them. Extensive coverage is included on how to efficiently use the JSP Expression Language (EL), custom tags, and the JSTL library.The course is current with the latest releases of the specification, and uses the latest capabilities to write Web applications in the most efficient way possible. This includes the use of the JSP Expression Language directly in JSP 2.0+ Web pages, an overview of creating custom tags with tag files, and other new capabilities that make the framework much more user friendly. The complete course will give you excellent experience on how to build robust and capable Web applications using the latest features of the Java EE Web container.All labs can be done with the Eclipse IDE Java EE version, and the lab instructions include detailed directions for using it.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Java developers and Web page designers.
Course Topics
  • Web Application Basics
  • Servlet API
  • Additional Servlet Capabilities
  • JavaServer Pages
  • Using Custom Tags
  • HTTP Session Tracking
  • More JSP Capabilities
  • More JSTL and EL
  • Security
  • Additional Topics

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