Seven Low Overhead Software Process Improvements

Software process improvement doesnt have to be synonymous with expensive formalized approaches, such as the Software Engineering Institutes Capability Maturity Model (SEI CMM). This interactive seminar workshop describes it along with seven alternative approaches that can provide significant software productivity and quality improvements without extensive bureaucracy or organization-wide cultural change. Exercises enhance learning by allowing participants to practice applying practical techniques to realistic examples.
There are no prerequisites required for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course has been designed for managers, analysts, designers, programmers, testers, auditors, and users who are concerned about the efficiency and effectiveness of software development and support.
  • Real vs. Presumed Processes
  • High-Overhead Approaches
  • If You Dont Know What Youre Doing, You Dont Know What Youre Doing
  • Powerful Improvement Practices

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