Shell Programming

Training Summary
This course is designed for Intermediate and Advanced UNIX users who will be creating or maintaining UNIX Shell Scripts. The student will learn Korn shell scripting suitable for AIX, HP-UX Solaris and other classic UNIX environments as well as Bash shell scripting for Linux environments. The course also provides the skill set required to maintain vendor shell scripts. This is a hands-on scripting course.
Familiarity with UNIX commands (some commands are detailed in this course), familiarity with Unix directory concepts, and experience using the Unix vi editor (students will spend most of their time writing scripts and should be comfortable with vi).Programming skills are not required, but are helpful.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Individuals requiring a mastery of the command line interface to the UNIX/Linux operating system. This includes system administrators, programmers, database administrators, and power users. This course covers both the Bash and Korn shells. Minor differences between shells are noted within chapters; significant differences result in separate chapters. (Topics marked with "" have separate chapters.)
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Shell Programming
  • Advanced Shell Features
  • Additional Commands and Utilities (as time permits)

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