SiteScope 11.x Essentials

This course covers the main functionality of HP's SiteScope software aimed at people who would like to learn how to use the software to effectively monitor their IT infrastructure and the availability and performance of their applications and services. The information presented in this course will give the student the tools required to utilize and administer the main SiteScope components including Monitoring, Groups, Individual and Group Alerts and Reports, Monitor Templates, Alert Templates, Advanced Monitors, Adapters, Scripts and Administration.
No previous knowledge or experience of SiteScope is necessary prior to taking this course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for System or Operations Architects and Database, Network, or System Administrators who wish to be able to monitor their IT infrastructure.
  • Fundamental Concepts Review
  • Basic Monitoring
  • Managing Groups and Tags
  • SiteScope Dashboard and History
  • Monitoring Tools and Regular Expressions
  • Advanced Monitoring, Adapters, and Scripts
  • Monitor Templates and Deployment
  • Alerts, Actions, and Dependencies
  • SiteScope Reporting
  • Administration
  • SiteScope Installation

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