SMGR201 v4 SUSE Manager 4 Basic Operations

Training Summary
This three day course focuses on the types of day-to-day administrative tasks that SUSE Manager makes easy to complete and monitor. Generally, the major topics that are discussed in detail are:
  • Exploring the SUSE Manager (SUMA) Web UI Management Console
  • Implementing Channel Management
  • Delegating Management Authority in SUMA
  • Managing Minions using Salt commands
  • Performing common administrative activities.
Attendees should have the following experience and skills before attending this class:
  • Installing and configuring SUMA Servers and Proxy Servers is only reviewed in this training. The attendee is assumed to be responsible day-to-day management. However, detailed information on
installation and initial configuration of SUMA is presented in course SMGR211v4: SUSE Manager 4 ::Deployment and Initial Configuration. But attendance in SMGR211v4 is helpful, not required to be successful in this class
  • Have at least one year’s experience managing Linux operating systems
  • Be able to work at the Linux command-line and use the vi editor
  • Understand how to manually install packages on SUSE Linux Enterprise servers.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for:
  • Server System Administrators who are tasked with day-to-day server management and support.
  • Senior System Administrators who are typically 2nd or 3rd level support within their company and act as “team leads” for Server System Administrators.
  • Consultants that need to understand how SUSE Manager can significantly lessen the administrative burden of managing hundreds or even thousands of servers.
Course Topics
  • Course Overview
  • ::Review SUSE Manager (SUMA) 4 Architecture and Configuration
  • Using the Web UI to Explore your SUSE Manager Environment
  • Understanding the Registration Process
  • Implementing Channel Management
  • Delegating Management Authority in SUSE Manager
  • Managing Salt Minions in SUMA
  • Performing other Common Administrative Tasks in SUMA

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