SOA Application and Service Development

Training Summary
This course teaches students how to construct business applications and services for deployment on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Focusing on whats different about developing SOA applications and services, this course provides an excellent vehicle for architects and developers making the transition to SOA. The course uses demonstrations and case studies to explain the hows and whys of the SOA architecture as an application deployment environment.
-Minimum 1 year programming experience or equivalent -XML familiarity, as provided by Understanding & Applying XML or equivalent -Familiarity with basic web technologies (http, html, etc.) -Familiarity with basic SOA and Web Services concepts, as provided by Understanding & Applying SOA or equivalent
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Application developers, architects, project managers and other IT professionals who need a comprehensive technical foundation that will prepare them to construct sophisticated and complex business applications and services for deployment on a SOA.
Course Topics
  • Understanding Service Oriented Architecture
  • Medical Information System Case Study
  • Architecting a Simple SOA Project
  • Implementing Your Simple SOA
  • Enterprise SOA

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