Software Configuration Management (SCM)

This course introduces SCM and its importance to organizations that depend upon software as a product It provides immediately usable concepts, definitions, practices, tools and strategies in the latest methods of (SCM) for accurate and thorough baselines, libraries, versions and releases including verification and validation of software.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Information Technology Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Project Leaders, Systems Analysts, Business Analysts, Programmer/Analysts, Software Quality Assurance, testing and audit personnel and others who are involved with software development or enhancement and will benefit from this class.
  • Software Development and Change
  • Overview of Software Configuration Management (SCM)
  • Software Product Nomenclature & the SCM Pyramid
  • SCM Goals & Objectives
  • SCM Concepts, Functions & Process
  • Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and Key Process Area of SCM
  • Integrating SCM With Daily Development
  • Baselines, Libraries & Releases
  • Versions and Releases
  • Product Identification & Traceability
  • Walkthroughs, Management Reviews & Inspections of Deliverables & Milestones
  • SCM Roles and Responsibilities
  • Automated Tools
  • SCM Plan for Development, Production and Change
  • SCM Questions to be Asked/Answered
  • SCM Support Functions-
  • Strategic Technology Direction & Requirements
  • The SCM Requirements Phase
  • SCM Design & Control
  • Implementation Phase
  • SCM Operational Data
  • SCM Test Phase
  • SCM Release Operations
  • SCM Maintenance Operations
  • Change Management & Defect Management
  • Copy-Merge SCM Model
  • Recommendations for Projects & Problems
  • Introducing SCM to the Team(s) & Organization(s)
  • Convincing Skeptical Team Members
  • Grouping Files & Writing Release Notes
  • Security, Projects, Change Management & Parallel, Concurrent & Distributed Development
  • Tools for SCM
  • SCM Configuration Accounting
  • Software Configuration Audit

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