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Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is an essential discipline for organizations that develop and/or maintain software that either supports their internal operations or is the product that they offer in the marketplace. Developing and implementing SQA within an organization is such a challenging task that many organizations, even after repeated attempts, get no further than implementing traditional software testing.This course is an introduction to SQA from a practical perspective rather than an exposition of a specific theory or school of SQA. The material presented is immediately applicable in any software development environment irrespective of industry or development methodology. The course describes the relationship between software quality assurance, software quality management and software quality control (software testing) and how an organization moves through the stages of starting with a basic testing program to a mature organization where SQA is embedded within a corporate culture of quality. In addition to providing an SQA road map, including a discussion of pitfalls and best practices, the course also explores the other factors that are critical in developing and implementing SQA; process maturity, corporate cultural issues, documentation, standards and policies, leadership and other factors known to impact SQA.The course concludes with a round-table session where students apply the concepts presented in the course to their own organizations and environment.This course is intended for software testers and managers but it appropriate for anyone involved in SQA.

No prerequisites are required but knowledge of software testing concepts is helpful.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is intended for software testers and managers but it appropriate for anyone involved in SQA.

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