Software Requirements: Definition and Management

Since 1994, the Standish Group CHAOS Study has reported that inadequate requirements are a major contributor to IT project failure. This revelation has driven significant work in the areas of requirements engineering, with the result that requirements definition tools and techniques today are better than ever. However, requirements remain an issue in IT projects. There is still a poor understanding of all the factors at work in an IT project that must be considered if the project team is to have an adequate, internally consistent and robust set of requirementsThis course takes a very broad view of the processes and players at work during requirements gathering and management. Participants gain a deep understanding of the range of skills required to make this important aspect of IT projects a success.
This course assumes that participants have participated in some projects and have some experience in requirements definition and analysis.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course will be of particular value to business analysts, project managers or other project staff with direct or indirect responsibility for requirements definition and analysis; functional managers with project responsibility, and Project Management Office staff; and managers of business analysts.
Why requirements are important::The requirements definition process::Business analyst's role::Time devoted to requirements::Planning the requirements effort::The "project ecosystem"::Roles and responsibilities::The requirements management plan::Requirements elicitation and refinement Tools and Techniques::Important BA skills::Stakeholders::Requirements elicitation techniques::Meeting facilitation::Categories of requirements::Distinction between requirements and design::Challenges in requirements elicitation::Requirements in waterfall, iterative and agile projects::Requirements analysis activities::Analysis tools::Data and behavior models::Process flow models::Usage models::Requirements validation and verification::Assessing requirements quality::Documenting requirements::Requirements documentation process, tools and methods::Requirements management::Controlling the requirements process::Requirements change management::Requirements traceability matrix::Requirements management tools::Solution assessment activities by project phase::Techniques of solution identification

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