Solaris 10 System Administration Part 1 - Administration Essentials

This course is designed to cover the essential administration tasks confronting today's Sun systems administrators. It covers all basic workstation administration functions, with full hands-on experience at all stages. The Solaris 10 Visual Administration Solaris Management Console (SMC) is also covered. For network administrators, this course should be followed by the Solaris 10 System Administration course. This course is also suitable for Solaris 8 and 9 and additional notes are provided.
Students should have knowledge of Solaris up to a level taught in our Introduction to Solaris course is important, and some previous administration experience is helpful.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Sun system administrators.
  • System Administration Overview
  • File System Structure
  • Disk Storage Management For Local Disk Drives
  • An Introduction To ZFS
  • File System Maintenance And Security
  • System Build (Installing Solaris)
  • Patch Administration
  • Software Configuration And Package Administration
  • Boot PROM
  • Start-Up Shutdown
  • Adding And Maintaining Users
  • Solaris Groups
  • System Security
  • Adding A Printer
  • System Processes
  • Back-Up And Restore Utilities, Including Snapshots

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