Solaris 10 Systems Administration Part 2

This course is designed to cover the essential network and advanced administration tasks confronting today's Sun network systems administrators, and is an extension to our Solaris 10 Systems Administration (Part 1) course which covers all the basic issues. This course covers networking from initial connection through basic commands, security, monitoring and up to Network File System (NFS) and the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access protocol) name service.
Students should have knowledge of Solaris up to a level taught in our Introduction to Solaris and Solaris 10 System Administration (Part 1).
5 days/Lecture & Lab
  • Network Interface Configuration Primer
  • Network File System (NFS) and AutoFS
  • SAMBA Server Overview
  • Overview of Solaris name services
  • DNS clients
  • LDAP Name Services
  • Solaris Management Console
  • Swap Management and Configuration
  • Crash dumps and core files
  • Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) and RAID
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Solaris Zones
  • System Messaging and Log Management
  • Automatic Solaris Installation (Jumpstart)
  • Flash Installs
  • Introduction to the Apache web server
  • Live Upgrade
  • Network Information Service (NIS)

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