Splunk Operational Intelligence

Training Summary
In this course, you’ll find step-by-step demonstrations that walk you through building an operational intelligence application containing vital features essential to understanding data and to help you successfully integrate a data-driven way of thinking in your organization.
In this course, you’ll learn a wide range of strategies and uncover new ideas that will make you rethink what operational intelligence means to you and your organization. Pre-Requisites: Students should have familiar with Some basic knowledge of Splunk
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is for software developers who wish to use Splunk for operational intelligence to make sense of their machine data.
Course Topics
  • Play Time – Getting Data In
  • Diving into Data – Search and Report
  • Dashboards and Visualizations - Make Data Shine
  • Building an Operational Intelligence Application
  • Extending Intelligence – Datasets, Modeling and Pivoting
  • Diving Deeper – Advanced Searching, Machine ::Learning and Predictive Analytics
  • Enriching Data – Lookups and Workflows
  • Being Proactive – Creating Alerts
  • Speeding Up Intelligence – Data Summarization
  • Above and Beyond – Customization, Web ::Framework, HTTP Event Collector, REST API, and SDKs

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