Spring and Hibernate Bootcamp

This Spring and Hibernate training is an intensive five-day course that teaches students how to develop enterprise Java web applications with the Spring, Hibernate, Spring MVC and Spring Security open-source frameworks. The class is designed to run as a hands-on, tutorial, style with more than 50% of time being devoted to writing code. The main goal of this course is to set students who are already familiar with Java, Servlets/JSPs (possibly even other frameworks) on the right path of developing enterprise-class web applications on a best-of-breed software stack (Spring and Hibernate) while utilizing time-tested best-practices. While we don't skip on the theory, students focus most of their energy on why they should use the particular approaches, frameworks, and techniques, and how to best apply them. This course is based on Spring Framework 4.0, Spring Security 3.2, Hibernate 4.3, and Hibernate Validator 4.3. Additionally, the stack discussed in the class leverages Servlets 3.0, JSP 2.2, JSTL 1.2, SFL4J 1.7, and LogBack 1.1. All of the code is built with Maven 3.
Participants must be familiar with: • Java • The general principles of object oriented programming (OOP) To get a smooth intro to Spring and Hibernate students should be familiar with: • Servlets and JSPs • SQL • JDBC Prior exposure to the following concepts and technologies is recommended but not required: • Familiarity with Java reflection and annotations • General understanding of web development principles and technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) • Basic understanding of the HTTP protocol (concepts like SSL, redirection, GET vs POST, cookies) • Familiarity with MySQL (or any other relational database) • Familiarity with Eclipse IDE (or any other IDE) • Familiarity with Tomcat (or any other Java EE application server) • Familiarity with Ant
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
The Spring and Hibernate training course is designed for Java web developers and architects who want to get right to the core of why these frameworks are the best-of-breed in the OOS-Java-community and learn how to effectively take advantage of them in their own applications.
Developing with Java EE
  • Hibernate
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring Security Framework

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