Spring Web Flow

Training Summary
This course enables the experienced Java developer to use the Spring Web Flow framework to create simple and complex web applications. Web Flow represents a powerful new approach to designing and developing web applications, and can also draw on the configuration capabilities of Spring itself. We begin with an introduction to the Spring Core module which implements the configurable object container available to Web Flow applications as an application context and get oriented to the Spring web framework, as underpinnings of the Web Flow system.Then we dive into Web Flow itself, and develop key concepts of flow, state, transition, and action. We get moderately complex applications up and running with these elements, and see how the JavaBeans used to power a flow can also take advantage of Spring configuration and dependency injection. Then we move into more advanced techniques including custom converters, validators, and subflows. We conclude the course with a look at lifecycle and context features, such as the FlowExecutionListener.
Before attending this course students should have experience with the following:-Java programming -Basic knowledge of XML-Servlets programming-JSP
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Java Developers.
Course Topics
Overview of Spring::The Spring Web Module::Spring Web Flow

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