SQL II: Intermediate SAS Programming with PROC SQL

Training Summary
Students who take this course will acquire a deeper understanding of the SAS System and especially the SQL procedure. This understanding will help the student to write more efficient programs as well as utilize more features of the SQL procedure. In some cases, this translates to writing more concise programs. This course also includes a quick introduction to the SAS Macro facility. The course is mostly lecture with some time for exercises, demonstrations, and working on problems students bring to class. The exercises at the end of most chapters use data sets shipped with the SAS system. Students can also work through the exercises at their own pace after the conclusion of the course. This course can be taught as a public course or as an on-site course. Comprehensive textbooks for students are included in the course fee.
Before taking this course, students should take ProTech's Introduction to SAS Programming With PROC SQL
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for two groups of students: those who are brand new to the SAS System, and those who have been using the SAS System for a few years, but want to enhance their SQL programming skills.
Course Topics
  • Advanced Data Selection Techniques
  • Creating Indexes and Views
  • Programming with PROC SQL
  • Advanced Operations Using PROC SQL
  • Accessing NON-SAS Data (DBMS)

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