SQL Server Performance Tuning

This hands on SQL Server Performance Tuning class is geared towards DBAs, developers, architects, and consultants. The class starts with a lesson that teaches how to deal with the overall approach to tuning SQL Server performance. Next, you will examine server lever resources at both the operating system and SQL Server levels to see if there are resources that are bottlenecks. After that, you will learn about the various SQL Server Wait Types, so you can learn how to find the resources that are causing the waits. Then, you will learn how to use SQL Server Profiler to look for long running queries. Once all that is complete, you will then move into a few lessons that deal with removing the bottlenecks that were found in the previous lessons. Understanding how to baseline performance is a very important aspect of performance tuning. Base lining is one of the preventative measures that you will learn about, so that you can prevent performance problems before they ever occur. Finally, you will learn best practices that will guide you in designing for performance from the start, and best practices for successful deployments.
Students should be able to perform basic, day to day administrative or development tasks that are common to a DBA, SQL Developer, or data architect.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class is geared towards DBAs, developers, architects, and consultants.
Monitor Server Resources::Monitor SQL Server Resources::SQL Server Wait Types::Finding Problem Queries with Profiler::Choosing and Configuring Hardware::Tuning T-SQL::SQL Profiler in Detail::Tuning Indexes::Storage Tuning::Performance Dashboard Reports::Performance Best Practices::Deployment Best Practices

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