Stakeholder Expectations Management

Leading any type of project or change initiative involves guiding numerous people, each with their own agenda, to the desired goals. These people along with the organizational dynamics can be understood, managed and leveraged to get projects done successfully. How well we manage these stakeholders to deliver projects, consulting services, and business results depends upon the ability to manage the expectations of stakeholders. Just who are these people? How does one identify them? Once we know who they are, what do we do with them - and how can they help us achieve the desired goals? More importantly, how can we first manage their expectations to keep on plan, and second use them to achieve project goals?These questions, and many more, will be answered in this interactive seminar. Participants will learn how to identify stakeholders, techniques for uncovering their real expectations (those hidden agendas), ten (10) analytical methods for understanding stakeholders, and finally, techniques for leveraging the influence, power, and authority of stakeholders to achieve desired goals. Learn what to do when old stakeholders leave and new ones arrive, as well as techniques for managing stakeholders with non-converging expectations.Project work always involves people, and represents up to 80% of the challenges for project managers. Project management has been called the management of risks to predictably achieve the desired results. Using this basic process for keeping the dynamics of people and organizations under control, along with good project management practices, is a contributor to repeated success in project work.
Students must complete an assessment of a previous project prior to the course. Knowledge of one's Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) will be very he
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for managers, project managers, or team leaders.
  • Importance and role of stakeholders in change and project work
  • Vocabulary of stakeholders expectation management
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Uncovering the multiple stakeholder expectations in projects
  • Ten (10) methods of analyzing stakeholders
  • The stakeholder expectation management process
  • Aligning this process to the project management process
  • Developing the plans to manage exceptions
  • Building on stakeholder success for future projects

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