StormRunner Essentials v2.x

This course introduces students to StormRunner 2.x. The course covers topics about StormRunner Load and script development using the TruClient application. This course is designed to give you a foundation in basic load testing tasks. You create and run load tests using StormRunner and evaluate results through the dashboard. The hands-on labs are designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to create scripts in TruClient, execute Load Tests in the StormRunner, and view the results in the Dashboard. The course consists of focused, task-oriented lectures, text, and a series of detailed hands-on labs to teach the course material to the student. The hands-on labs use version 2.x of the software.
Before taking this course, students should have a working knowledge of windows, websites, and browsers. Fundamental understanding of JavaScript programming is helpful, but not required
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is recommended for:
  • Quality Assurance and Performance Engineers
  • Users of LoadRunner who need to create scripts to load test their web applications
  • Executives involved in any aspect of the load testing process
Course Overview of StormRunner Essentials
  • Introduction to HP StormRunner 2.x
  • Creating a Load Test
  • Running Load Tests
  • Defining Assets – Scripts and Load Generators
  • Defining Assets – Monitors and Topologies
  • SLA’s
  • Network Virtualization
  • Navigation Breakdown
  • Results Analysis
  • Other Methods of Script Creation
  • Course Overview of TruClient
  • Fundamentals of TruClient
  • Recording with TruClient
  • Replaying with TruClient
  • Script Enhancement
  • Advanced Enhancements

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