Strategic Relationships Management – ISO 44001 Series: Relationships Management as a System, Relational Contracting and Collaborative Working

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Strategic Relationships Management – ISO 44001 Series: Relationships Management as a System, Relational Contracting and Collaborative Working

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This course is provided and delivered by Strategic Relationships Solutions inc. (SRS) in partnership with The Institute for Collaborative Working Canada (ICW Canada) and the Center for Collaborative Stakeholders Relationships (CCSR).

It is not a secret that the majority of complex projects and business arrangements fall short of meeting stakeholder expectations. Research shows that the fundamental issues are rooted in the fact that business arrangements are structured and managed as static “transactions” or “deals” that do not provide the agility and flexibility to respond to change, drive evolution and sustained value creation.

As such, service delivery models, procurement, and vendor management practices are undergoing significant transformations to address the increasing levels of volatility, uncertainty, and complexity of the business environment in which we now operate. Relationships Management, Relational Contracting and Collaborative Working have emerged as key pillars for achieving success in complex projects and business arrangements.

Training for a Relational Approach
The relationship between all parties involved, is the heart of their success. By positioning the relationship among stakeholders at the heart of planning, delivery and performance management, business arrangements can be structured and managed within a collaborative and adaptive framework which drives meaningful change and improves outcomes, while lowering overall risk.

This training program has helped many executives and program/project managers achieve greater success by enabling collaboration, integrated delivery, and mutual value creation with their clients, partners, and strategic suppliers. By employing the insight-based relationship management systems and collaborative working models learned in this course, organizations have been able to simplify communication and coordination, create an integrated team approach to delivery, reduce uncertainty, lower risk, and achieve better overall outcomes in complex programs and business arrangements.

This Relationships Management, Relational Contracting and Collaborative Working training provides participants with the essential knowledge needed to establish and manage adaptive and collaborative business relationships able to take advantage of change and to navigate through today’s volatile, uncertain, and increasingly complex business environment. They will learn how to establish effective collaboration frameworks which will facilitate true integrated delivery, create sustained mutual value, effectively manage third party relationship risks and enable joint success. Participants will also be provided with the methodology and tools to shift organizational mindset and to create a culture of collaboration and trust.

The training is delivered using a mix of short lectures, group discussions and group case work spotlighting current complex projects and business arrangements in the public and private sector.

ISO 44001- Collaborative Business Relationship Management
At the core of this program is a collaboration model that supports the development and administration of a dynamic, adaptive and collaborative business relationship between collaborators to achieve their goals and create mutual value. The model and its implementation methodology operationalize ISO 44001 effectively; an international standard published in March 2017, that describes organizational requirements to enable relationship management and provide guidance for establishing relationship management plans with strategic collaborators.

PMCD 3 Equivalency
This course is deemed as an approved equivalency for the National Defence Canada (DND) PMCD 3 qualification requirement.

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion in Strategic Relationships Management, Collaborative Working and Relational Contracting. Additionally, Participants, working in teams or as individuals who submit the completed case work report within 90 days of completing the training and achieve a minimum score of 80% will receive professional certification in Relational Contracting Management.

Before taking this course, students should have intermediate level of knowledge/experience in any of the following: Program/Project Management, Procurement, Public-Private Partnerships, Client-Vendor Relationships Management, Outsourcing/Managed Services, Supply Chain Management, and Multi-Stakeholder Relationships Management.

2.5 Days/Lecture & Lab

The program is recommended for public and private sector executives, partner/vendor relations managers, business development executives, senior project managers, procurement officers and outsourcing advisors, as well as managers responsible for planning, sourcing, negotiating or managing complex business arrangements.

  • Relationships Management Overview
  • Relationship Management and Collaboration Framework Reference Model
  • Implementation – Developing and Operationalizing Relationship Management and Collaboration Frameworks & Creating Mutual Value
  • Relationship-Based Contracting Management (Relational Contracting)
  • Interest-Based Negotiations and Issue Resolution
  • Internal Systems and Oversight – ISO 44001 CRMP
  • Managing Transitions
  • Optional Certification Workshop

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