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MyProTech is the student portal here on the ProTech website and enables you to manage past, present, and future course enrollment. In addition to course enrollment, your MyProTech account can monitor course offerings and alert you to changes, this is MyWatchList. MyProTech also allows for management of your information on file. Keeping this information up to date ensure filling out forms on ProTech's website is quick and simple.

MyCourses allows you to view past, present and future course enrollment. This is also where you sign the class roster, print certificates and complete class evaluations.

If your printed certificate shows an error in your name, please check your account information. When creating your certificate this information is referenced and must be correct to produce a valid certificate.

If a course you think should be showing up in MyCourses is not, you can add it MyCourses uses the following procedure.

  1. Navigate to MyCourses
  2. Determine your schedule ID. If you do not know it, click here. Your instructor can also tell you your schedule ID.
  3. Enter the schedule ID in the text box below Don't See Your Course? on the right side of the screen of MyCourses.

  4. Click Add to MyCourses
If you are unable to successfully add a class using this procedure, please send an email to explaining which class is not showing up, and we will get it taken care of for you.

MyWatchList is a list of courses found on our website that are monitored for scheduling updates. Courses can be added to MyWatchList from course outlines and the catalog pages. If a course is added to MyWaitList and is not scheduled at that time, when it is schedule you will be sent a notification about the scheduling change. Courses can also be removed from MyWaitList is you no longer wish to receive notifications about a particular course.

MyAccount can be used to monitor and update account information. Keeping this information up to date makes filling out forms on our website quick and simple. The forms will be filled in by default with this information.

  • I am missing a course in MyCourses

    Follow the procedure above that describes how to add a course to MyCourses. If you are still missing the course, send an email to us at and we will take care of it for you.

  • There is an error on my certificate

    Please ensure your personal information is up to date in MyAccount. If there is still an error, send an email to us at and we will take care of it for you. Please include the schedule ID in the email if you know it.

  • A course on MyWatchList has zero dates. What can I do to change that?

    If a course is not scheduled and you would like it to be, please request the course. This can be done directly from watched courses in MyWatchList. course requests can also be maade from a course outline page. If you have any questions about this process, please send us an email at

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