Successful Management of Web Projects

This seminar teaches essential principles for delivering effective Web and new media projects on time and on budget! Learn a proven system for planning and managing Web sites. This course process addresses project management issues specific to the Web, resulting in quality control, quality assurance, and timely delivery for Web and new media projects. Students will become more valuable to your organization by equipping yourself with a step-by-step process which will reduce risk and stress, anticipate hurdles, and increase chances of making students' Web project a success by building quality in at every step.
All students need is some basic experience on the World Wide Web. Some understanding of general project management principles will help students more fully benefit from the seminar.
1-2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This seminar is targeted to all Project Managers, Webmasters, Production Coordinators, Programming Leaders, Strategists, Controllers, Business Managers, Account Representatives involved in developing Web or other new media projects.
  • Identify and describe tasks and processes
  • Order to do things in
  • How to get from strategy to deliverables that fulfill that strategy
  • Collect and organize content thoroughly
  • Classify and quantify the limitations you must work within
  • Build clear, timely approvals into an audit trail
  • Avoid common hurdles before you reach them
  • Build and work with your team
  • Build in quality at every step
  • When and how often to test
  • Manage client expectations, while assuring quality for them along the way
  • Maintain quality, even if you hand off the site

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