Support Operations Team Lead

Training Summary
Successful team leads recognize that it takes more than good support processes and leading-edge technology to run a support team. No matter how good the business-plan or how sound the strategic goals; a lack of leadership awareness and best practices in management will inevitably result in failure. The challenges faced by team leads are unique and varied. In addition to keeping up with the daily demands, team leads are expected to be accomplished jugglers, creative problem solvers, critical decision makers, and competent coaches. Real-world leadership skills are essential for meeting these challenges, and for realizing long-term goals. Effective leaders recognize that in order to succeed they must nurture their most important resource-their people. Leadership skills play a key role in selecting the right people, placing them in the right positions, inspiring them to move in the right direction, and motivating them to succeed. This workshop explores how to do all this in a customer-support organization, and how to stop managing people and start leading them.
There are no prerequisites for this class
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Team leads, managers, supervisors and directors of customer-support and technical-support operations who desire to discover and unleash their own leadership potential. This class is also a prerequisite for SPC Support Operations Team Lead Certification.
Course Topics
  • Managing People
  • Managing Processes
  • Managing Technology

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