Swift Fundamentals - Navigation and Workflows

Training Summary
This course is the second course from the Developing Swift Fundamentals Bundle courses. After finishing the bundle which consists of 3 courses you can apply for the “App Development with Swift certification” from Apple. Students discover how to build simple workflows and navigation hierarchies using navigation controllers, tab bar controllers, and segues. They also examine two powerful tools in Swift: optionals and enumerations.
  • Having a mac
  • Xcode 13 installed on the mac
  • Know the basics of programming
  • Pass Swift Fundamentals - Introduction to UIKit Course Second Course from the Developing Swift Fundamentals Bundle courses
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Anyone who wants to start their mobile development career and have the basic knowledge of programming.
Course Topics
  • Swift Lessons
  • Optionals
  • Type Casting and Inspection
  • Guard
  • Constant and Variable Scope
  • Enumerations
  • SDK Lessons
  • Segues and Navigation Controllers
  • Tab Bar Controllers
  • View Controller Life Cycle
  • Building Simple Workflows

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