Swifty iOS 11: Idiomatic iOS 11 Development with Swift 4

This two day class will introduce you to the concepts and workflow of creating modern Swift based iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad. We begin day one with single-view applications. This lets us focus on what is different when writing code in Swift. You learn to communicate among elements of the GUI, source code, and model. We take advantage of advances in Xcode to position elements and support localization and accessibility. We end the first day with an exploration of multi-view applications and how to send information back and forth between views presented manually and those presented using storyboard segues. We separate the code into separate modules. During the second day you will build more complicated applications with multiple scenes. We'll support table views and collection views that are presented using Navigation and Tab Bar Controllers. We look briefly at using Core Data, JSON, and asynchronous network requests.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This two day introductory course is for experienced developers who know Swift but are new to modern Swift-based iOS app development.
  • iOS App Fundamentals
  • Multiple Scenes/h3>
  • Table View Based Apps
  • Network Applications (Optional)

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