Symantec Blue Coat SSL Visibility Administration

The SSL Visibility 5.0 Administration course enables you to plan, implement, configure and managed your SSLV virtual appliance. This course includes both lecture and hands-on labs that access the SSLV virtual appliance.
This course assumes that students have a basic understanding of SSL/TSL, TCP/IP network security devices, and ProxySG.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
The SSL Visibility 5.0 Administration course is intended for students who wish install and manage the SSLV virtual appliance in a production environment.
  • Introduction to Encrypted Traffic Management
  • Introduction to the SSLV Virtual Appliance
  • Introduction to Encrypted Traffic Management with Symantec SSLV
  • Deploying the SSLV
  • Migrate and Upgrade the SSLV
  • Expose Encrypted Inbound Traffic for Security Devices While Maintaining Security Levels
  • Expose Encrypted Outbound Traffic for Security Devices and Prevent Data Loss
  • Expose Encrypted Threats for Forensic Analysis While Maintaining Compliance Regulations
  • Offload SSL Decryption to Improve ProxySG Efficiency
  • Simplify Management of multiple SSLV Virtual Appliances with Management Center

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