Symantec (Broadcom) Web Isolation Administration Training

The Web Isolation Administration course provides a detailed introduction to Symantec’s Web Isolation solution, including deployment options and use cases.
This course assumes that students have a basic understanding of networking concepts, such as local-area networks (LANs), the Internet, security, and IP protocols.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
The Web Isolation Administration course is intended for students who wish to master the fundamentals of Symantec Web Isolation. It is designed for students who have not taken any previous training courses about Web Isolation.
  • Introduction to Symantec Web Isolation
  • Web Isolation Deployment Options
  • Enable Broad Web Access and Avoid Over-blocking while Still Protecting the Organization from Unknown or Unsafe Websites
  • Prevent Users from Submitting Corporate Credentials and other Sensitive Information on Unknown or ::Malicious Sites
  • Review of Symantec Web Isolation

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