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The Control Compliance Suite 12.0 Administration course is designed for professionals who are tasked with ensuring the security of their computing enterprise and compliance with both external and internal mandates. This course focuses on using Control Compliance Suite 12.0 to define security controls that govern the enterprise, assess compliance with standards and other mandates, and create reports and dashboards to demonstrate compliance and show deficiencies to multiple audiences.

This course assumes that students have a working knowledge of advanced computer terminology, including TCP/IP networking, security, and Internet terms, and administrator-level knowledge of Microsoft Windows 2008\10\2012 operating systems.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

The Control Compliance Suite 12.0 Administration course is intended for students who wish to master the fundamentals of Control Compliance Suite. It is designed for students who have not taken any previous training courses about Control Compliance Suite.

  • Introduction to CCS 12.0
  • Installing the CCS Suite
  • Initial Configuration
  • Getting started with CCS 12.0
  • Standards Manager/CVSS and Risk Score
  • Controls Studio
  • Ad hoc queries
  • External data integration
  • Reporting and dashboards

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