Symantec Endpoint Detection & Response 4.5: Planning and Implementation

The Symantec (Broadcom) Endpoint Detection & Response 4.2 Administration training course covers how to detect, investigate, remediate, and recover from an incident using Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response, as well as the prerequisite SEDR configurations and considerations to perform endpoint detection and response.
This course assumes that students are familiar with Symantec Endpoint Detection & Response and Symantec Endpoint Protection.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
The Endpoint Detection and Response 4.5 Administration course is intended for students who wish to perform Incident Response activities with Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response.
  • The Evolving Threat Landscape
  • Detecting Threats in the Environment
  • Investigating Threats in the Environment
  • Responding to Threats in the Environment
  • Reporting on Threats in the Environment

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