Talent Leadership for Front Line Managers

You know how important your leadership skills are to the overall productivity of your business. In a talent management study of 1900 cross-industry participants, only 38% believe that employee development needs are identified and met in an effective and timely manner. This has a negative impact on productivity. Don't take chances with traditional management tactics. Instead, join the new age of talent leadership.Research shows that most of an organization's outputs come from the front line employees. The people who have the most influence on the front line are the front line managers. That's you, not the executives. With easy-to-use facilitation methods, you can guide team talents to improve productivity at least 50%.
There are no prerequisites required for this class.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
-Managers & Supervisors-Project Managers & Coordinators-Team Leaders-Quality Assurance Leaders
  • Why Talent Leadership is the Right Productivity Practice for Your Business
  • Traditional Management (Power Over) vs. Talent Leadership (Power To)
  • The #1 Facilitation Strategy a Talent Leader Must Use to Boost Productivity
  • How to Find and Collect Employee Intelligence to Get Results
  • Simple Productivity Strategies to Help Employees Own Their Authority
  • Beat the Consultants How to Help Employees Achieve Outcomes from Nothing
  • The New Standard for Leading Group Dynamics While Producing
  • The 4-Step Process to Give Employees Rich Experiences that Yield Outputs
  • Why Talent Leadership is the Secret Weapon to Achieve Business Results
  • How to Stand Out as a 'Results' Leader and Make Others Stop in their Tracks
  • 21 Talent Leadership Secrets that Get to Shared Bottom Line Actions
  • Build Your Talent Leadership Toolkit Get +50% in Productivity Gains

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