TCP/IP for z/OS: Diagnostics and Debugging - NW79G

Training Summary
This course is designed to give you the skill required to diagnose and debug TCP/IP problems when operating on z/OS. This skill consists in developing knowledge of commands and tools together with a methodology in tackling TCP/IP problems. The lab activity and paper projects provide an opportunity to debug real problems.
You should have:Completed TCP/IP for z/OS Implementation Workshop (CB695) Knowledge of z/OS.
4 Days
This intermediate course is for anyone who works on TCP/IP networks and provides support in the resolution of communication problems on z/OS.
Course Topics
Learn what commands are useful in a z/OS environment to control TCP/IP resources, the TELNET application, and debug TCP/IP simple network problems Learn which trace types (packet, TELNET, FTP, and so forth) are available in a z/OS environment and know:What kind of information can be found in a trace When to activate a trace How to activate a trace How to interpret a trace (for the packet trace there is a dedicated topic) Use the proper diagnostic technique to approach TCP/IP problemsDescribe the Syslog function in the UNIX environment and know how to configure the /etc/syslog.conf fileUnderstand how to handle and modify the translate tables used by many TCP/IP applications that connect to remote systems which use ASCII character codingActivate and interpret several trace types, and debug some real problems which involve the use of various application protocols.Systems w/TPS, Mainframe TPS, Application Platforms TPS, z Enterprise Transaction Systems & integration

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