TCP/IP for z/OS Implementation, Operation, and Troubleshooting

Training Summary
This course provides the fundamentals of TCP/IP configuration, operation, and troubleshooting in a z/OS environment.
Prior to taking this class, the student should have attended an introductory TCP/IP course or have equivalent knowledge, as well as general knowledge of z/OS.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is ideal for systems programmers and network specialists that need to install and customize TCP/IP in z/OS environments.
Course Topics
  • TCP/IP Fundamentals Review
  • z/OS TCP/IP Environment Overview
  • z/OS TCP/IP Stack Configuration
  • TCP/IP Core Application Customization
  • z/OS Network Operation
  • z/OS Network Troubleshooting
  • z/OS UNIX TCP/IP Daemon Customization
  • z/OS Application Customization
  • Sysplex Routing and VIPA
  • z/OS Web Server Customization

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