Team Effectiveness, Effective Interpersonal Communication, Influencing Others & Principles of Motivation

Participants in Module 1 of this course are taught the practical skills and best practices of working together as a team through understanding personality style similarities and differences using the Everything DiSC Workplace Personality Inventory, together with how to apply simple Emotional Intelligence principles to help teams work together more effectively using Patrick Lencioni's framework of 5 Behaviours of Effective Teams.Module 2 expands on the self-awareness and E.Q. principles and concepts covered in Module 1 to explore and understand individual communication style preferences, and how to flex style preferences to the end of using communication skills to build rapport, better manage expectations, and better influence others across the organization.Influencing and Motivating others is the theme of Module 3, where participants bring together the topics covered in Modules 1 & 2 and learn how to focus on being more influential. This module leverages the "knowledge of self" gained from the first module, and principles of effective communication to build effective relationships from module 2 to maximize effective communication skills and better influence and motivate others.Between modules, participants are assigned application exercises designed to further their understanding of the topics covered, prepare them for the upcoming topics and to build relationships with each other based on the emotional intelligence concepts and principles covered in module 1. The course duration is three non-contiguous days of instructor led classroom interactive lecture and workshop with practical application.
There are no prerequisites for this class.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal effectiveness skills to work more effectively as a team, get their ideas across to others more effectively, build more impactful relationships, and work more effectively through influencing and motivating others. This course is especially impactful when working teams take the course together as an "intact team".Note: Limiting this class to 16 participants ensures maximum opportunity for participants to interact and apply their learning in the application exercises.
  • Introduction to the Workshop
  • Working Together - The Everything DiSC Workplace 4 Quadrant Personality Self-Assessment Debrief & Discussion
  • Working Together as a Team
  • Emotional Intelligence - E.Q.
  • Effective Communication - Defining Success
  • Technology & Communication
  • The Communication Mechanism
  • Communicating Up
  • Attributes of Communication
  • Structuring Your Communication & Managing Expectations - The Key Message
  • Courageous Communication
  • Best Practices for Communicating Effectively
  • Influence, Motivation & Emotional Intelligence
  • Influencing Others
  • Seven Sources of Influence Power
  • Ten Influencing Tactics
  • Motivation

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